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The business center of our company has the most modern technical, technological and spatial resources for the organization of special events, press conferences, panel discussions, round tables, educational programs and promotional events.

Depending on your needs, different spaces are available halls, which can be further adapted to specific requirements users. All halls are equipped with the most modern devices that will enable uninterrupted work and communication during the event.

In addition to modern space and technical support, kindness and the helpfulness of professional staff is a factor that apart logistical aspect has a significant impact on overall perception the success of the event you organize. So we will help you to you create efficient teams that will be ready to at any time respond to all needs and requests of participants and visitors.

Our program moderators are ready to get acquainted in detail with each topic, present the event and participants, and then manage during it, initiating discussions and engaging the audience in interactive dialogue.

A successful event requires quality planning of all details, including those relating to the time reserved for breaks and breaks of program content. We will evaluate with great pleasure the needs of your audience and plan and organize a complete catering service – from selection and ordering, all the way to the moment serving.

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Reliably, efficiently, with strict confidentiality and while respecting deadlines, we translate all types of materials, novels, documents, contracts, reports, web presentations and anything you require for communication or correspondence with your clients, audience or employees. Our team of experienced and dedicated…


In modern times, videos have proven to be the strongest media format and the most efficient form of promotion. By becoming the basis of every information, it represents the best way to relay your message to the target audience, regardless of whether it’s informative, educational, promotional, advertising or entertaining in nature.


Would you like to stay informed about developments in your industry? Do you need to receive data about media outlets that publish reports about your activity, company, competitors? Do you need information about communication on social media – regarding your company, your competition, a specific segment of business?