What is Buzz monitor?

Buzz monitor is Ninamedia’s innovative media monitoring application, created as a response to the need for constant monitoring of a growing volume of data and communications on the internet.

This app, the FIRST Android and iPhone app in Serbia that tracks media content on the internet, is a result of a collaboration between Ninamedia and one of the world’s leading brands in this field – Mediatoolkit. We currently have more than 200 satisfied clients that are using Buzz monitor services.

Who is the BUZZ app intended for?

Buzz is mostly used by experts in the areas of public relations and communication, as well as public figures, because it allows them to track all relevant mentions on the internet and on social media. It also allows them to monitor and analyse their competition’s appearances in the digital media, control their online reputation, measure the results of their online PR activities, manage media crises from the moment they occur by pinpointing the source, and discover the most important influencers in their areas of activity.

Track all mentions of your brand on the internet in real-time

Buzz monitor tracks more than 20,000 web portals in Serbia and the region 24/7, and more than 10 million around the world, it also tracks reader comments, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Trip Advisor, Vkontakte and others), blogs and forums. With Buzz monitor, we managed to aggregate all online media content in one place.

It is possible to track specific ideas and hashtags, and unconditionally monitor for authors and their analyses.

What do you get with Buzz monitor?

Concise, easy to read results and analytics of all relevant mentions of your keywords from all online sources in real time.

Advanced analytics and exposure reports in digital media and social networks are available at a click of a button.

Reports feature a number of mentions per date, calculated virality, reach, interactions, identifying the target audience and offering other critical information you can use to adjust your communications strategy, and they can be used for other marketing and PR activities.

What are the advantages of Buzz monitor?

  • Monitoring the success of your PR activities and controlling your reputation
  • More efficient and quicker response in crisis situations
  • Tracking the competition and their activities, as well as trends in your area of business
  • Identifying key influencers from your area of expertise
  • Connecting with your target audience

Always be one step ahead with the most relevant data and analysis.