Information about which media, to what extent and in what way mentioned you, your brand, company or institution, product or service, can be crucial for making important strategic decisions and building a reputation. Our job is to single out only those that are relevant to you from the sea of information that the print media, television and radio stations, as well as web portals and social media publish on a daily basis.

The media monitoring/press clipping service provides an excellent basis for further activities in the field of media content analysis and measuring the value and effect of messages sent, as well as other steps important for the successful implementation of communication and marketing strategies.

Our services are fully tailored to the needs of users, from the reporting form to the delivery schedule, and include specialized daily digest versions of the report, as well as SMS and e-mail alarm notifications in case of crisis situations. Media content is collected and processed 24/7 in order to provide our users with continuous access to relevant information.

  • Monitoring the success of your communication activities
  • Monitoring competition information
  • Brand reputation management
  • Collection of information on the industry, i.e., the area of business/activity
  • Faster and more efficient response in crisis situations
  • Finding new business opportunities

Always be one step ahead with the most relevant data and analysis.

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Reliably, efficiently, with strict confidentiality and while respecting deadlines, we translate all types of materials, novels, documents, contracts, reports, web presentations and anything you require for communication or correspondence with your clients, audience or employees. Our team of experienced and dedicated…


In modern times, videos have proven to be the strongest media format and the most efficient form of promotion. By becoming the basis of every information, it represents the best way to relay your message to the target audience, regardless of whether it’s informative, educational, promotional, advertising or entertaining in nature.


Would you like to stay informed about developments in your industry? Do you need to receive data about media outlets that publish reports about your activity, company, competitors? Do you need information about communication on social media – regarding your company, your competition, a specific segment of business?